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Maui Tips

  1. Stop at Costco on the way from the airport
  2. If the surf gets too high for you, go to the beach at mile-marker 14. It is "always" calm and has a nice reef. The concierge or any local can tell you where this is. Try not to go at low tide.
  3. Don't bring a beach umbrella that can easily be blown away. The breeze is (generally) not bad, but often too much for the standard "stick it in the sand" umbrellas. See the etter solution in the ads below (with the addition of good sand stakes).
  4. Rent flippers, masks, and snorkel in town rather than at the resort. Snorkel Bob's sometimes also offers free trips to Molokini.
  5. Check out is usually earlier than normal hotels, e.g., 10 AM, but they always have changing rooms and so forth so you can still spend your last day on the beach. You can always also change in the bathrooms at the pool.
  6. Some of the best snorkeling can be right outside the hotel on the beach. Note that the sand migrates up and down the beach over time so it is worth checking to see where it is best.
  7. There is a well-reputed urgent care center nearby in Whaler's village. We hope that you don't need it. If you get an infection, take it very seriously--this is the tropics and stuff grows vigorously!
  8. If you don't already have a Safeway card, get one. It is worth it for the discounts.
  9. Pack or buy baggies, plastic cups, aluminum foil. Save money by buying booze at the market and taking it down to the pool in plastic cups.
  10. Goofy Foot Surfing. Mornings for bigger waves. Semi-private for the family. Reserve several weeks early.
  11. Safari Snorkeling Trip to Lanai. Book several weeks ahead.
  12. We have had Reel Lucky fishing charters recommended.
  13. Dinner after 7 PM is a little less crowded, for those of you without younger kids.
  14. When you register, get lots of towel cards. Towels can be used for excursions too--pick them up the day before.
  15. Laundry is free so don't overpack.
  16. Call the concierge a few weeks before hand and get all set up with your adventures and excursions.